Monster Energy® Supercross Notes Package St. Louis, Edward Jones Dome

AMA Supercross Stats – St. Louis

First race April 27, 1996 and Jeff Emig won on a Kawasaki.

This will be the 13th time the gate will drop for an AMA Supercross class race at the Edward Jones Dome.

Wins by Brand in St. Louis

Yamaha-6, Suzuki-3 Kawasaki-2 Honda-1

There are no first time winners in St. Louis.

In 1996, Jeff Emig stopped Jeremy McGrath’s win streak at 13 by winning in St. Louis. It was Emig’s first AMA Supercross class win.

In 2007, Ricky Carmichael won his last AMA Supercross class race in St. Louis.

Kevin Windham, Carmichael, and Chad Reed have all won St. Louis in both classes. Can Millsaps join them? He won the Lites class in St. Louis in 2006.

Since 2001 either Carmichael or Reed have won at the Edward Jones Dome.

Reed will make his 100th career AMA Supercross start this Saturday as well as his 95th consecutive start.

Windham, who won St. Louis in 1998, will be lining up 10 years later in St. Louis. For the seventh time in his career he made through the first 15 races of the season.

AMA Supercross Class Notables from St. Louis

Davi Millsaps earned his second win of the season and Tim Ferry finished second.

Reed went into Detroit with a 27 point lead and left with a 16 point lead. For only the second time in Reed’s career he finished in 12th place.

Windham earned his eighth podium of the year and is still the only rider to not finish out of the top five.

Average finish for Kevin Windham is a third place and average finish for Reed is a 3.1.

AMA Supercross Lites Class Stats – St. Louis

First race April 27th, 1996 and Windham won on a Yamaha.

This is the 13th time the gate will drop for an AMA Supercros Lites race.

In 2002 Reed gave Yamaha their last win in St. Louis.

Travis Pastrana is the only rider to win back-to-back races in St. Louis.

In the 12 races at the Edward Jones Dome, there have been 11 different winners.

Wins by Brand in St. Louis :





AMA Supercross Lites Notables in St. Louis :

Ryan Villopoto earned the 11th win of his career and the and third of the season.

Trey Canard went into Detroit with a 17 point lead and left with a three-point lead.

After scoring no points in Atlanta, Villopoto has made up 22 points.

Average finish for Canard is a 3rd.

Average finish for Villopoto is a 4.1.

Can Villopoto pull the upset like Ben Townley did last year for team Pro-Circuit ?

AMA Supercross Class Laps Led

Chad Reed 143

David Millsaps 44

Kevin Windham 23

James Stewart 20

Josh Hill 17

Grant Langston 17

Travis Preston 1

Eric Sorby 1

AMA Supercross Lites Class Laps Led

Jason Lawrence 47

Trey Canard 40

Ryan Dungey 29

Josh Grant 16

Austin Stroupe 15

Ryan Villopoto 29

Jake Weimer 5

Daniel Reardon 4

Broc Hepler 3

Branden Jesseman 1

Progressive Holeshot Award (AMA Supercross Class)

Grant Langston (Anaheim 1)

Mike Alessi (Phoenix)

Mike Alessi (Anaheim 2)

Tim Ferry (San Francisco)

Chad Reed (Anaheim 3)

David Millsaps (San Diego)

David Millsaps (Houston)

Chad Reed (Atlanta)

Chad Reed (Indianapolis)

Ryan Dungey (Minneapolis)

Chad Reed (Toronto)

Travis Preston (Irving)

Eric Sorby (Detroit)

Progressive Holeshot Award (AMA Supercross Lites Class)

Matt Lemoine (Anaheim 1)

Jake Weimer (Phoenix)

Austin Stroupe (Anaheim 2)

Thomas Hahn (San Francisco)

Austin Stroupe (Anaheim 3)

Jason Lawrence (San Diego)

Ryan Dungey (Houston)

Trey Canard (Atlanta)

Trey Canard (Indianapolis)

Josh Grant (Minneapolis)

Ryan Smith (Toronto)

Josh Grant (Irving)

Ryan Villopoto (Detroit)

MMI Top Tech Award

Oscar Wirdeman (Anaheim 1)

Jeremy Hoyer (Phoenix)

Vincent Bereni (Anaheim 2)

Brian Calmu (San Francisco)

Dana Wiggins (Anaheim 3)

John Boyd (San Diego)

Pro Circuit (Houston)

Jesse Black (Atlanta)

Jim Marsack (Indianapolis)

Chris Rohde (Minneapolis)

Forrest Butler (Toronto)

Jay Burgess (Irving)

Jamie Ellis (Detroit)

U.S Smokeless Tobacco Company Pro Privateer Challenge

1. Paul Carpenter 123 points

2. Heath Voss 101 points

3. Eric Sorby 76 points

Asterisk Medic Card

Ryan Grantom (Anaheim 1)

Michael Willard (Phoenix)

Chris Blose (Anaheim 2)

Ryan Beat (San Francisco)

Jeff Northrop (Anaheim 3)

Kyle Cunningham (San Diego)

Ryan Grantom (Houston)

Justin Sipes (Atlanta)

Levi Kilbarger (Indianapolis)

Willy Browning (Minneapolis)

David Sterritt (Toronto).

Willy Browning (Irving)

Mitch Dougherty (Detroit)

Racer X Gas Card

Cole Siebler (Anaheim 1)

Ryan Abrigo (Phoenix)

Troy Adams (Anaheim 2)

Greg Crater (San Francisco)

Kyle Mace (Anaheim 3)

Ryan Clark (San Diego)

Eric Sorby (Houston)

Christopher Gosselaar (Atlanta)

Ryan Clark (Indianapolis)

Jiri Dostal (Minneapolis)

Kevin Johnson (Toronto)

Kevin Johnson (Irving).

Troy Adams (Detroit)

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