Un certain malaise subsiste après que le dernier round du championnat d’Angleterre de Motocross n’ait pu se disputer le week-end dernier en raison de conditions climatiques catastrophiques.. En effet, le Team KTM de Jake Nicholls aimerait que l’on rejoue le dernier round plus tard dans le mois pourquoi pas le week-end du Supercross de Belfast, permettant ainsi aux Fans de vivre un week-end complet de Motocross..

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ACU 10/4/10 (4 Octobre 2010) : « There is much currently being written on various forums and websites regarding the cancelled final round of the Championship yesterday, so we thought we would try and get the facts from the Series Promoter ACU Events. It is known that the Promoters have forged a much closer relationship with the teams and riders during the season and certainly ACU officials were seen actively talking with them throughout the weekend.

This Dave Rich image sums up the day with three young fans on track when the practise sessions should have been taking place.

The ACU Events team use « Metcheck » frequently in the lead up to all events and on Saturday afternoon it was known that at least four hours of rain was due to fall on Hawkstone Park overnight on Saturday, most likely between 4am and 8am. The decision had already been made to cut the famous Hawkstone Hill out due to the fresh wet area at the top.

The rain didn’t actually arrive until around 5.30am on Sunday and by 7.30am the ACU Events team were seen to be in Race Control and by 8am, after a meeting with the Race Director, Clerk of the Course, Stewards and Series Manager a « Wet Meeting » timetable with an 11am start was released to the paddock. This was based on the fact that the current forecast at the time expected the rain to clear by 10.30am and the circuit was deemed to be rideable – once the running surface water had stopped.

When there did not appear to be any let up in the torrential rain at 10.30am, the Series Manager paid for a one to one talk with the Met Office and specifically spoke about the exact area. The response was that further heavy rain would continue until 12 noon, but then just 1.6mm would fall in the next two hour period and then no rain after that time. At this point, we should point out that the wet meeting schedule basically consist of ten minutes free practise and then fifteen minutes timed practice (Q1) for MX1 and MX2 and NO superpole (Q2). This is then followed by two, instead of three, races for both classes, spread over the afternoon. The support class, in this case the Veterans, would have ten minutes free practice and one race after the first MX2 and MX1 encounter.

A further meeting then took place in the Race Control and with no let up in the rain (and more importantly, the running water across various parts of the track) the concensus of opinion was that the event needed to be cancelled, but the Salop Club requested, via their Clerk of the Course, to have one final inspection, whereby they conceded that racing was impossible and the meeting was cancelled. We have to state that the club made every possible effort to get the event on.

This was immediately announced over the PA System and teams and riders were also spoken to. Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, « It is fair to say that teams were also consulted during the morning and most stated they were prepared to ride, even the two teams who knew they would automatically be champions if the event was called off. However, with a wet meeting schedule, ACU Events have made a pledge to teams that, if implemented, a wet meeting schedule would guarantee two races for each class. With the surface water, the Race Director could not make this guarantee, as it was obvious ruts and berms would fill with water. »

There has been speculation about the event being re scheduled but the Promoters do not have provision for this and have announced that the Championship standings after round seven will be declared as the result. Race fans will have the chance to acknowledge the winners at a high profile presentation later in the year, possibly at one of the forthcoming Motorcycle Exhibitions. »

5th October 2010

HM Plant Red Bull KTM UK Team Manager Roger Magee has expressed his disappointment at the cancellation and decision not to run a final round of the Maxxis British MX2 Championship, despite providing a potential option, which confirms his rider Jake Nicholls as runner-up in the series after a season long battle with Zach Osborne.

Following the cancellation of Sunday’s Hawkstone Park final round showdown due to heavy rain, Magee communicated with the ACU a potential solution of running the round later in the month at Desertmartin, and to coincide it with the Belfast Supercross weekend.

With a chance of clinching the British MX2 crown for the third time in succession, Magee was discontent with ‘accepting’ the final positions due to the washout at Hawkstone Park. Having looked into this possible solution to re-run the final round, despite not having had any communication from the 2010 Maxxis British Championship teams representative, the ACU correspondence to Magee was returned with a clear message that a re-run of the event would not be considered.

Magee would like to issue the following statement:

“Obviously we are truly disappointed that the Hawkstone Park race wasn’t run, as Jake was looking to end his season on a high and continue his challenge for the championship title down to the wire. Following the event I personally made some contact with different tracks to see what the possibilities would be of re-running the final round, as the championship is an eight round series and that is what the team and its sponsors have paid for and I believe Jake deserves the chance to fight for the title to the final stages, as well as the other riders in the series being able to fight for the respective positions they were hoping for.”

“There is the opportunity to run the event to coincide with the ACU Supercross championship round in Belfast, which would definitely attract a large number of spectators with a full off-road weekend combined together, and would allow teams to showcase their potential to existing and new sponsors over the weekend, as well as make the British MX Championship a fair deal. We would also support a re-run at Hawkstone Park should it be possible. I believe a final round should be held for the good of the sport.”

“Following the cancellation of Hawkstone we had no contact from the 2010 Maxxis British Championship Teams Representative with regard to any proposals, and I am discontent that we should just accept the final championship positions without a final round being held. However, the ACU’s correspondence to my email has made it very clear that, without negotiation, they will not even consider holding another event.”

“This is clearly disappointing and frustrating for both me and the HM Plant Red Bull KTM UK team. Following our huge amount of support of the series, from our point of view we will seriously consider our stance and association with the ACU British Championship in future with this rash decision being made.”

“Despite our disappointment, finally, I would like to congratulate Jake on his hard work and determination throughout this season, as well as that of each and every member of our highly dedicated team. I would also like to thank each of our sponsors and associates for their huge amount of support in what has been a challenging year for the team, and we look forward to a successful 2011.”


MX1 :
1 777 Evgeny Bobryshev 463
2 71 Stephen Sword 430
3 1 Brad Anderson 386
4 85 Jason Dougan 319..

MX2 :
1 338 Zach Osborne 452
2 45 Jake Nicholls 405
3 50 Martin Barr 350
4 44 Elliot Banks-Browne 314..

(Photo : ACU)

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