Kurtis Mccabe wins the Lites class

AURORA, Ill. ( February 23, 2008) – Teddy Maier rode his Team TiLube/MotoXXX Honda flawlessly as he took the win in the Arenacross class at the Greensboro Coliseum tonight. Tommy Hofmaster jumped out to an early lead taking the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles holeshot, but was quickly reeled in and passed by both Maier and Bad Boy Power Drink Honda rider, Chad Johnson. Hofmaster held it together and finished nicely in third.

Teddy Maier said about his win, “I was hoping for a better start, but I just put my head down and I just wanted to do consistent laps… I felt good and want to thank my whole Team TiLube/MotoXXX crew.”

Chad Johnson had this to say, “I felt really good out there, my Bad Boy Energy Drink/Tuf Racing/Thor Honda was running great, you know Teddy rode awesome and so did Tommy. I got off to a pretty decent start and just put my head down and started charging.”

In the Lites class, Kurtis Mccabe made it a Team TiLube/MotoXXX sweep as he took the top spot on the box. Shane Sewell ran well finishing 2nd and Kyle Smith took advantage of a fall by Dave Ginolfi to finish third.

Kurtis Mccabe said, “Yeah it felt great, my bikes been getting great starts. I was a little winded, I’ve been off the bike for a month with pneumonia, but it’s great to come back with a win.”

Tomorrow amateur riders from around the region will compete for Arenacross honors and points that may qualify them for the Amateur Arenacross World Finals at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this October.

Arenacross racing returns to Denver, CO next weekend at the Denver Coliseum.

AMA Arenacross Class Results, (Greensboro, NC)

1 Teddy Maier, HON

2 Chad Johnson, HON

3 Tom Hofmaster, YAM

4 Jim Neese, SUZ

5 Keith Johnson, YAM

6 Josh Woods, SUZ

7 Shane Sewell, KAW

8 Codi Adams, YAM

9 Dave Ginolfi, KAW

10 Kurtis Mccabe, HON

2007-’08 Toyota AMA Arenacross Class Point Standings

1. Chad Johnson, Hon, 210

2. Kelly Smith, Kaw, 202

3. Brock Sellards, Kaw, 194

4. Teddy Maier, Hon, 177

5. Keith Johnson, Yam, 163

6. Kevin Johnson, Yam, 163

7. Danny Smith, Hon, 149

8. Jim Neese, Suz, 135

9. Josh Demuth, Hon, 127

10. Tom Hofmaster, 126

AMA Arenacross Class Lites Results (Greensboro, NC)

1 Kurtis Mccabe, HON

2 Shane Sewell, KAW

3 Kyle Smith, YAM

4 Chris Haack, HON

5 Ivo Steinbergs, HON

6 Taylor Futrell, HON

7 Codi Adams, YAM

8 Dave Ginolfi, KAW

9 Chad Wages, HON

10 Josh Woods, SUZ

Tickets for the entire Toyota AMA Arenacross Series are available online at www.Arenacross.com, www.Ticketmaster.com, www.Tickets.com. For more information on the Toyota AMA National Arenacross Series log on to www.Arenacross.com.


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